Pleated dust filtration cartridges for high dirt intake capacity and longer service life

Available complete with control unit and automatic cleaning process

Product name

Dust collector filters for air and gas filtration

Dust collector filters for air and gas filtration
  • For higher levels of dust and dirt
  • On pressure side or in negative pressure systems

Separates tiniest particles with minimal pressure loss and high dirt intake capacity

  • Automatic cleaning process possible (pneumatic or through shaking)
  • Discharged via rotary feeders
  • Available complete with valve or motor control
  • Lower space requirements due to compact design
  • Large filtration surface due to folded elements
  • Long service life
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • A design to suit the customer's wishes is our standard
Flow rate:

Up to 60.000 m3/h

Filter ratings:

Single stage Class M, dual stage Class H13, H14

  • Housing made of carbon steel or stainless steel
  • Filtration elements: various needle felts, with or without coating, hydrophobic and oleophobic, anti-static

Anything Is Possible

  • Automatic cleaning process (pneumatic (pulse jet) and/or shaking)
  • Rotary feeders, discharge screw conveyor
  • Valve or motor control unit
  • Collector tank

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