Filters for measuring devices and gas analysis

Particle filter, coalescence filter and adsorber

Product name

Gas analysis filters for air and gas filtration

Gasanalysefilter für die Luft- und Gasfiltration
Gasanalysefilter für die Luft- und Gasfiltration
  • For all gas filtration applications, whether as an intake/suction filter, particle filter, coalescence or bypass filter, high pressure or hot gas filter
  • TO protect measuring and analysis technology

Separation of tiniest particulate matter and droplets using coalescence process, adsorption of gas volume fractions

  • Filtration elements for every application (Fiberglass, PTFE, PE, stainless steel, etc.) correspond in size and fineness with industrial standard
  • Large selection of filter housings for various requirements, flow rates and applications (heatable, high temperature, high pressure, etc.)
  • Particle separation of up to 99.99998% at 0.1 µm (gas)
  • Minimal differential pressure
  • Long service life
  • Easy to use
Filter ratings:

Up to 0,1 µm

  • Housing: Stainless steel (316L), stainless steel/glass, aluminium, aluminium/nylon, various plastics (PTFE, PTFE/glass, PVDF, PP, nylon)
  • Elements: Fiberglass, PTFE, stainless steel, PE
  • 1/8“ – 2“ (NPT standard, various on request)
  • Hose connections 4 mm or 6 mm
  • Differential pressure display
  • Automatic drainage
  • Heatable filter housing
  • High pressure housing
  • Including integrated diaphragm filter
  • Bypass filter
Technical Specifications:
  • Stainless housing to 1350 bar and 325°C
  • High temperature up to 500°C

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