Application example: Oil Mist Seperator in the Building construction

Contec® oil mist separators ensures the façade design of ETFE cushions
for efficient and environmentally friendly glare-, heat- and UV-protection

Contec© GmbH, Bad Honnef is a leading manufacturer of filtration systems, oil mist separators and liquid level measuring technology. The use of the Contec® oil mist separator (COMS) in the field of building construction is definitely very innovative and our system has proven again its advantages in environmental aspects.

The filtration challenge:
The Media-TIC building in Barcelona (Spain) which has been designed by Cloud 9/Enric Ruiz Geli impresses by its glass façade which rests on a steel structure. However, buildings with reinforced glass insert make high demands on the glare-, heat- and UV-protection.

In the south-west façade UV-protection has been integrated. The building is covered on this side completely with ETFE-film (ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene). The membrane used their ETFE cushions are made of two layers filled with nitrogen and act as a solar filter.  Solar sun shading is achieved via a on the roof installed system of inflation unit, oil mist separator and fog generator which injects fog into the cushions. The pneumatic displacement of the center to the outer or inner foil film, the UV transmission can be controlled. This system provides a variable shading which reduces solar heat gain up to 90%.

The solution:
In this application sucks the oil mist separator type 180/435 of the Contec® aerosol mist that is pumped into the nitrogen-filled air cushion again. It is oil-based fog fluid used, which neither dissolves nor decomposed over a long time. At high concentrations, there is a risk of explosion and risk of slipping; blowing out into the atmosphere cannot be unfiltered. For these reasons, a separation of oil mist by the oil mist separator from Contec® is necessary.

The advantages:
Contec® oil mist separator (COMS) is equipped with a side channel blower that generates adjustable negative pressure in the system. This leakage and the leakage of oil mists are prevented. Due to the long service life of the filter elements and the automatic return is the maintenance simple. Oil droplets contained in the air are trapped in the 2-layer Contec® glass fiber filter elements with integrated reinforcing fabric, flow through the depth of the filter and collect as larger drops in the filter element. The air flow pushes the drops towards the downstream surface of the filter element, and due to its specific weight the oil drains off.

The oil separated by the filter element drops from the outer surface to the intermediate bottom below. Here it is collected in the ring space surrounding the intermediate bottom and passes through the drain, from where the purified oil is returned to the oil reservoir via the oil return line. The solid particles contained in the exhaust air are also retained by the filter.

In general, the Contec® oil mist separators will be installed on the lubrication oil tanks of turbines, compressors, large-scale compressors, turbo-engines and other equipment with oil systems. The by Contec® oil mist separators (COMS) filtered exhaust is technically absolutely clean and dry. The recovered oil is supplied to the oil circuit and as eco-friendly as well as cost recycled. A Contec® oil mist separator (COMS)/oil mist eliminator was awarded the Environmental Technology Award 1990.

Contec Ölnebelabscheider im Media Tic-Gebäude in Barcelona
Media -TIC Barcelona


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