Institute of Energy and Environmental Technology e. V. (IUTA) tests contec® Oil Mist Separator

Residual oil content below 0.1 mg/m³ - separation degree of 99.98% and no particles between 0.2 µm and 0.9 µm in clean gas.

The contec® GmbH Industrieausrüstungen GmbH from Bad Honnef is a leading supplier and manufacturer of air and gas filtration, liquid filtration, oil mist filtration and filling level measurement equipment. For the application in oil mist filtration, contec® had a filter element tested by the Institute of Energy and Environmental Technology e. V. (IUTA) in Duisburg in accordance with ISO 12500-1:2007.

The Air Quality and Filtration division of the Institute deals with particulate and gaseous air pollutants and their separation by various types of filters. IUTA operates a unique circuit test bench for compressed air filters. With this circuit test bench the Institute tests filters at a volume flow of up to 3,000 m³/h and an absolute pressure of up to 8 bar.

The application:
The COMS-1500-S50 filter element is especially designed for applications in contec® oil mist separators (COMS). Lubricating oil systems of gas, steam or water turbines, turbo compressors, turbo machinery and other equipment with oil systems generate strong oil smoke and oil mist, whereby the fine oil droplets can reach and even exceed emission values of 100-200 mg/m³. contec® oil mist separators ensure clean, oil-free exhaust air. High-quality oil is recovered by the COMS and returned to the system, reducing the emission values of refineries, compressor stations, power plants but also for example of cruise ships and therefore protects the environment!

Specially developed glass fibre filter elements form the core of the contec® oil mist separator. The two-layer design with integrated reinforcement fibres optimises the coalescence effect and ensures a constantly high level of oil separation at a pressure resistance of approx. 60 mbar. The 99.99% efficiency at a droplet size of 0.1 µm clearly falls below the emission limits of the TA Luft (German Clean Air Act).  The oil mist separators from contec® were awarded the Environmental Technology Award already in 1990. Thanks to their extremely compact design, the contec® oil mist separators can easily be applied in difficult or tight installation conditions.

Test parameters:
Filter elements: COMS-1500-S50
Inlet pressure: 1 bar
Air flow: 20 m³/h (ANR) = 100% nominal flow rate
Test inlet oil concentration: 108 ± 2 mg/m³

Test results*:
Dry pressure drop (mbar):  25,8
Saturated pressure drop (mbar):  69,2
Mean outlet oil concentration (mbar/m³): 0,027
Filtration efficiency:   99,98 %

* You can download the certificate here


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