contec Cartridge filter housings of the SF series made of PP or PVDF

Universally usable filter housings

Product name

SF Cartridge filter housings made of plastic for liquid filtration

SF Candle filter housings made of place for liquid filtration

contec Candle filter housings of the SF series for a wide range of applications due to the model design


Produced in accordance with Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC Article 3, Para 3

  • Sturdy filter housings for use in the chemical and seawater sector
  • Can be used for all commonly available filter cartridges or filter bags
  • Simple handling and fast replacing of the filter inserts without any tools
  • Trouble-free cleaning of the filter possible due to the smooth surfaces.
  • Wide range of applications due to modular design
  • The filter medium does not come into contact with metal
Flow rate:

Depending on application specification

Filter ratings:

Depending on application specification


Various fluids such as acids, alkaline solutions, oil, lacquer etc.

  • Filter housings made of PP or PVDF
  • Type and layout of connections according to customer requirements
  • Screw-in piece, internal threads or lapped flange

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