Modern three-way battle: avoid emissions, save costs and operate the systems safely

The smallest Contec Oil Mist Separator (COMS) type 180/435 cleans around 205,000 m3 of exhaust air from the oil mist every year and saves about sixty litres of lubricating oil.

The COMS prevent pollution caused by the precipitation of oil mist in systems and in rooms. Damage to the health of employees and the pollution of the environment are effectively reduced by far below the emission values of the TA-Luft "The German Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control".

When upgrading systems or replacing outdated components, installing a contec oil mist separator results in considerable cost savings. The small COMS type 180/435 cleans around 205,000 m3* of exhaust air from the oil mist every year and saves about sixty litres of lubricating oil. The quality of the oil, which is mechanically separated by high-performance filters, is not damaged. All additives are retained and the filtered oil is recovered and fed back into the system. The contec oil mist separator was awarded the environmental technology prize in 1990.

Due to the compact design, the COMS type 180/435 can be optimally - and with minimum space requirements - integrated into any oil system and connected directly to the existing flange. The cleaned exhaust air is technically-speaking absolutely free of oil and particles and can be blown into the hall without any problems and without emissions. “There are enormous amounts of oil per year that our oil mist separators do not release into the environment, but instead are filtered and reused. The residual oil content after filtration is partly below 0.1 mg/m³.  This is an absolute top result,” reports Jochen Lehmkuhl, the managing director of contec GmbH Industrial equipment.

Since it was founded in 1972, the Bad Honnef company has grown steadily and has now produced 4,000 individually designed oil mist separators. The COMS are sold worldwide. Many of them have been sold to major customers and OEMs of turbomachinery industry. The wide range of applications for oil mist separators is also remarkable. They are mainly used in turbines, turbo compressors, compressors, vacuum pumps, generators and gas and diesel engines, but are also used in the pharmaceutical industry.

“Our customers are companies from a wide variety of industries. Special features such as explosion-proof oil mist separators in accordance with the current ATEX guidelines are configured and manufactured on a customer-specific basis at the Bad Honnef site. For each application, we develop an individual solution from our modular system. This gives us maximum flexibility with largely standardized assemblies and allows us to adapt our COMS to the corresponding system in terms of size and equipment ", Jochen Lehmkuhl continues.

Operational safety thanks to the contec oil mist separator
COMS are equipped with a side channel compressor that creates an adjustable negative pressure in the oil system. This prevents leaks and the escape of oil mist in the bearings, shaft ducts and crankcase ventilations and ensures problem-free operation of the rotary machines. Due to the long service life of the filter elements and the automatic oil return, the maintenance effort is very low.

Upgrading an old suction fan or an outdated oil mist separator into modern systems from contec offers numerous advantages.


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