Sustainable exhaust air filtration. With contec Oil Mist Separators (COMS)

The air is far cleaner than that required by German TA clean air standards.

Product name

Oil Mist Separator Type 550/980, Flow rate 110 Nm³/h with side blower

Contec® Oil Mist Separator/Oil Mist Eliminator Type 550/980, Flow rate 110 Nm³/h with side blower

COMS-Type 550/980, Flow rate 110 Nm³/h


Installation of the Oil Mist Separator on:

  • Lube oil systems (LOS) of gas and steam turbines
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Rotating machines
  • Compressors
  • Large-scale compressors
  • Crankdrives

Technical task:

  • Filtering, separation and regaining high-quality lubrication oil including all its additives

Operational task:

  • Avoiding oil leakage (at bearings etc.) by creating a permanent slight negative pressure in the lube oil system

Global/environmental task:

  • High-efficiency filters prevent the emission of oil mist into the atmosphere
  • Protecting the environment by reducing oil mist emission down to < 3-8 mg/m³, cleaner than the German TA regulations of clean air and long­term protection of the environment
  • High quality based on 25 years of experience and multiple well-tested and proven technology
  • Modular systemVarious materials, drives, flanges, connections, paintings, filters, protection classes, NEMA-configurations, ATEX, redundant option, bypass, bypass of external air, additional filter/second filter stage, hinged cover allows a simple constructional adjustment to the respective application
  • Rapid and long-term supply of spare parts
  • Long service life and easy change of the filter elements
  • Automatic oil recycling system
  • Environmental Technology Price for 1990
  • Project-specific planning and construction
  • Various options

Explosion-proof versions/ATEX

  • Explosionsgeschützte Varianten/ATEXThe complete Contec Oil Mist Separator is certified in compliance with EC directive 94/9/EG (ATEX 100a) and can be operated in hazardous areas
  • Up-to-date in terms of state of the art safety technology
  • Suitable for application in explosive gas atmospheres category 2 and 3 (group II)
  • If requested taylor-made configuration in accordance with the ATEX directives for zone 1 (explosive atmospheres are likely to occur) or zone 2 (seldom and short-term explosive atmospheres) group IIC (propane, ethylene, hydrogen)
  • Drives Ex-pressure resistant, VIK, special voltages etc.

Redundant Series

  • Redundante VariantenRedundant motor/blower unit on bracket or frame construction
  • Motor/blower units are controlled separately by hand and check valves
  • Motor/blower unit can be dismantled easily due to hard valves before and after blower
  • Easy maintenance due to laterally reversed construction of motor/blower units


  • BypassComplete bypass with integrated check valve
  • Compact integration of a bypass system that is normally installed separately to the OMS/OME
  • „Emergency“-bypass to avoid over pressure in the LOS

Bypass of external air

  • FremdluftumgehungHand valve for admixing system-internal, purified exhaust air to control the negative pressure
  • Suitable for applications in Zone 1 hazardous areas or in areas with very dirty or polluted environmental air

Additional micro filter head piece

  • Zweite FilterstufeAdditional downstream air filter cell H11 for aerosol-free exhaust
  • Reduction of oil aerosols in the exhaust air to less than 2 mg/m³

With hinged cover

  • Mit SchwenkdeckelSpecially developed mechanical eccentric lifter
  • Slight lifting of the filter cover and easy replacement of filter elements, especially when no indoor crane is available

Series without an blower

  • Baureihe ohne GebläseFilter system without motor/blower unit
  • Filtration and separation of oil mist for lubrication systems with sufficient positive pressure

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