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Oil Mist Separator with compressed air drive of contec (COMS).

Application in Ex-Zone 1 and 2.

Product name

Oil Mist Separator with compressed air drive

Contec® Oil Mist Separator with compressed air drive

COMS-Type 13/138, Flow rate 8 Nm³/h


Installation of the Oil Mist Separator on:

  • Lube oil systems (LOS) of gas and steam turbines
  • Rotating machines
  • Compressors
  • Large-scale compressors
  • Crankdrives
  • Separators run in biogas plants

Technical task:

  • Filtering, separation and regaining high-quality lubrication oil including all its additives

Operational task:

  • Avoiding oil leakage (at bearings etc.) by creating a permanent slight negative pressure in the lube oil system

Global/environmental task:

  • High-efficiency filters prevent the emission of oil mist into the atmosphere
  • Protecting the environment by reducing oil mist emission down to < 3-8 mg/m³, cleaner than the German TA regulations of clean air and long­term protection of the environment
  • High quality based on 25 years of experience and multiple well-tested and proven technology
  • Modular systemVarious materials, flanges, connections, paintings, filters, NEMA-configurations allows a simple constructional adjustment to the respective application
  • Rapid and long-term supply of spare parts
  • Long service life and easy change of the filter elements
  • Automatic oil recycling system
  • Environmental Technology Price for 1990
  • Project-specific planning and construction

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